APISBMA Board Members with Current, Past and Future CSBA Presidents.

APISBMA Annual Members Breakfast Meeting

CSBA Annual Education Conference in December 2019

Annual Breakfast Meeting

Over 75 School Board Members attended the APISBMA Breakfast and Annual Membership Meeting during the CSBA Annual Education Conference.  APISBMA School Board Members hosted a forum on Ethnic Studies and Inclusive History.

New History Social Science Standards have been issued, and districts are in various stages of the curriculum adoption process.  New curriculum should have more focus on diversity and be inclusive of all histories including API histories.  Discussions took place on how board members can be more involved in the curriculum adoption process and ensure that inclusive histories are incorporated in our classrooms.

Panelists:  Amy Koo, Darrell Woo and Tony Ubalde  

Moderator:  Cynthia Chang

Click here for a summary of the panelist notes.

Annual Members Meeting

After the breakfast meeting, APISBMA members met and held their elections for 2020.   We are pleased to present a full board that includes CSBA Directors at Large and Regional Directors.